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Who We Are

HSF has a proven track record of delivering and recruiting top shelf talent for technology startups backed by venture capital firms across North America. We started over a decade ago in the Silicon Valley,  and now actively conduct searches in all the major US and Canadian markets.

What We Do

Our focus is on finding and placing seasoned, passionate people with startup DNA, who can work cross functionally to keep operations lean. We place engineering, product, and design talent, senior individual contributors and leadership talent at the Executive and Director level, as well as niche hires for difficult-to-source positions.

Our Approach

We ride the best balance of “do it right” and “get it done.” We listen first, have thoughtful and meaningful conversations, and work to build the relationships and trust. Our consultative, listen-first approach means your needs are front and center.

With a proven approach and doing it right

With a Proven Approach we “Do It Right.”

Andy Natusch
Andy Natusch

HSF Consulting Founder

The Founder

HSF Consulting founder and principal recruiter Andy Natusch has more than 15 years of experience in recruiting high return talent. As a relationship-driven business owner who believes in quality over quantity, his team has placed professionals at every level, from entry to executive, in U.S., Asian, and Canadian markets. Based in Honolulu, he is frequently mainland in San Francisco or New York working with venture capital firms.

To learn more about Andy, connect on LinkedIn or contact HSF Consulting to see how his team can help you recruit high-level talent.


Tech startups have unique needs: self-motivated team players accustomed to wearing many hats, able to work in a non-corporate setting. We have the right talent you need to grow your startup. Contact us today to find out how.