Listen. Recruit. Build. Partnering with HSF

HSF has over 15-year track record of accelerating the growth of some of the most disruptive and dynamic startups across the North America.  We help our startup clients streamline the hiring process, and build qualified, talented and motivated teams. We partner, provide industry data, and become and advocate for your company's story to the market.

Quality over Quantity

Quality over quantity

That’s our motto and our practice. We recruit A-players for tech startups, tirelessly sifting through the market. We source, contact, pre-screen both technical and soft skills, and present your opportunity to the best talent available. The result: a pre-qualified candidate who aligns with your culture, and understands your value proposition.

Compelling Story

We will work with your team to discover your story, to show potential talent that you can offer them opportunities for growth, that you are their best partner in potential success.

Compelling story


The Bay market is one of the most competitive globally for talent, and an unusually long or poorly defined interview process significantly increases the chance of losing a candidate to a competing offer. Accordingly, we concentrate on providing prompt, attentive service, and our processes are clear, well-defined and efficient.

Fee Structure

At HSF Consulting we conduct retained and contingent searches based upon our clients needs. We have access to a large pool of potential talent, increasing likelihood of placing better candidates more quickly, making either option a significant value to you.

Fee Structure